Saturday, March 1, 2008

Public Hearing Recap

Dear Osseo Community,

I thought I would put together some highlights of the hearing last night for those who couldn't make the event. Whatever the outcome of this proposal we should be extremely proud of our town, community and school! The board is listening!

All the speakers that presented last night again had a different message that was very tactful and well thought out. We had an excellent mix from the Mayor John Hall and City Counsel Brian Kleven who had the board listening when he said "we have heard from you, school board". Then there was Kristy Chouinard, student, parent, employee, resident and PTA Treasurer, who brought forward fact after fact about our school and why they should reconsider. Tina Dolo did a super job talking about what the school and community has done for her family and son! Cynthia Wilson our school counselor and intervention specialist shared the critical role she has played in working with the kids and families that we have integrated from the other areas of the district. Casey Robertson one of our newest residents and parents brought down the house when he offered our volunteer spirit to help defer the "capital improvement" costs. Our very own 4th grader William Reber was so courageous, sharing his concerns about his friends and his experience as a student at OE. Then there was our die hard leader Shaune Younkers up there again showing the board what a fantastic model school we are and why they should reconsider. Duane Poppy talking about "what's right" from his heart, Shellie Marvin mentioned the school boards own criteria for closing schools why are they not following this? Todd Nagengast, another new parent, had several suggestions the board should consider. Sue Dooher very professionally and graciously asked them to reconsider. Finally there was Dorthy our 82 year old resident who felt compelled to speak and show how she supports our school and that we should all help to keep it going.

It was a great night to be an Osseo resident and parent our community spirit was so uplifting whatever the outcome we will remain strong and should be proud of where we are today.

Thank you to all who spoke and have supported this effort!


Renee Miller
Osseo Resident, OE Parent, OE PTA President

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